Having a good tan helps make a person look healthy and younger, since sunbathing was linked to cancer many people have avoided the sun and tried all sorts of ways to get a natural looking tan from tanning beds to self tan creams and gels. Most of these types of do it yourself products don’t give an even effect or a very natural looking tan, plus they don’t tend to last as long as having a professional spray tan. Over the last few years there have been many improvements in the self tanning industry and spray tanning is a huge leap forward. Gone are the unavoidable orange streaks and telltale odours of the early fake tan.

So what are the top five benefits of a spray tan

  1. No UV-Exposure

One of the most important benefits of having a spray tan is that you can get the look you desire without ever being exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays you would get if baking in the sun. You can easily and affordably get the bronze tones without the risk. Commercial sun tanning beds that were popular for a while, still gave you a dose of harmful and concentrated UV rays. The accumulation of these was also responsible to cases of skin damage and premature aging.

With spray tanning there is no sun exposure at all so there is no risk of skin damage, this means you have a much reduced risk of developing melanoma

  • Wonderful, Instant Results

With an instant spray tan there is no waiting, the time required to allow jells and lotions to set is gone and there is no danger of streaking on blotches. Spray tan can also help disguise blemishes, small scars, birthmarks and stretch marks, it’s almost like magic.

  • No Mess and No Fuss

There’s no mess or hassle, it takes just 10 to 20 minutes plus a brief drying time and your set to go. Perfect for those with busy schedules and timetables they have to work too. You don’t feel the tan cover at all, its just your skin, with no sticky or greasy feeling. Being even and 100% streak free it always looks totally natural

  • Choose the Shade you desire

Unlike many self tanning products that give you no real control of the shade or colour you get, so could end up looking too dark or too light and have to wait for it to wear off. With a spray tan you can choose the exact colour and shade you desire. You also have the choice of getting an even all over tan or if you prefer, you can have a graduating scale where your arms back and legs are a slightly different shade to other parts to look more natural and tailored to suit you.

A skilled operator can help to define the curves and contours of your body to bring out definitions such as the shape of your waist or abs. This is done using a variety of shades going from light through medium and into the darker tones for strategic highlighting and contouring.

  • A super Confidence Booster

Spray tans can help you to look healthier and younger and give you a self confidence boost. Lots of people men as well as women remark that when tanned they feel and look much thinner and more attractive. There is just something about someone who has a bronze glow whether in season or at any other time. It just helps us to feel better and others notice this. With the increase of skin cancers around Australia this is one thing we can all do to help protect ourselves and look great at the same time Spray tans suit everyone regardless of age or sex, they’re appropriate for all occasions and can be applied very quickly to give you a new and exciting look and personal lift without the worry of having to spend a lot of time in the sun baking and spoiling your skin.