Top 5 benefits of Spray Tan

Having a good tan helps make a person look healthy and younger, since sunbathing was linked to cancer many people have avoided the sun and tried all sorts of ways to get a natural looking tan from tanning beds to self tan creams and gels. Most of these types of do it...

Less UV Rays

Not only do UV Rays increase your chance of skin cancer but they can irreparably damage the collagen in your skin, which keeps your skin firm and smooth. Once the collagen is broken down, wrinkles can result.

Choose which shade you enjoy

Sun baking isn’t exact science! Most people simply trial and error not enough sun or too much sun until they get it right. With our spray tan products you not only get a consistent coverage but you can even pick the shade you want to go.

Spray Tan Machine Products

We have a wide variety of spray tan machines and products to give you the choice you want from small portable machines to the professional level application. We have also paired them with Minetan 1 hour tanning products to have you looking tanned quicker.

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