About Us

About Spray Tan Warehouse

Spray Tan Warehouse has been created to bring ‘factory direct’ products to you.

The way people buy these days has changed. An online only store, Spray Tan Warehouse sources competitively priced Spray Tan Machines and Spray Tan product, we remove the retail layer and cost overhead bringing you these wonderful products direct.

Less UV Rays

Not only do UV Rays increase your chance of skin cancer but they can irreparably damage the collagen in your skin, which keeps your skin firm and smooth. Once the collagen is broken down, wrinkles can result.

Faster results

Rather than spending hours outside and then having to wait for the results you can apply our Spray Tan products and from an hour start to see the results

A more consistent coverage

With Spray Tan there is a better control to get a more consistent coverage.
Unless you rotate your body rotisserie style you might end up with an uneven tan.

Choose which shade you enjoy

Sun baking isn’t exact science! Most people simply trial and error not enough sun or too much sun until they get it right. With our spray tan products you not only get a consistent coverage but you can even pick the shade you want to go.

“I use Spray Tan Warehouse because  everything is easy to order and the products act fast and they give a lot of support, thank you”


“I just LOVE Spray Tan Warehouse. I get my tan on without getting burnt. Their products are fast acting and easy to apply, I love it!”


“A busy mum of two I don’t have the time to sun bake. They deliver the product to the door, it goes on fast and lasts ages, thanks!”


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